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Order Now to Protect your Organization

This kit contains the content to assist in the  Mandatory and Required Risk Analysis Requirement for all US Organizations 

This kit provides:

  • Data Protection Measures and Tools for Cyber Attacksbook cover
  • Mandatory Security Risk Assessments Checklists 
  • Mandatory Layers of Cyber Security Measures that Need to be Addressed

Using this kit will give each department and organization a full formally documented analysis for the completion of a Risk Analysis Requirement within your organization. If your organization doesn't have one of these kits then your organization is probably very vulnerable to future cyber attacks. 

Protecting Your Organization

This kit serves as a:

  • Risk Analysis and Risk Management Tool
  • Cyber Security Risk Analysis and Risk Management Tool
  • Privacy and Security Risk Analysis and Risk Management Tool
  • HIPAA Risk Assessment Tool
  • OCR Audit Assessment Tool
  • CMS Audit Assessment and Tool
  • Cyber Security Assessment Tool
  • Privacy and Security Assessment Tool
  • PHI Risk Management Tool

This kit covers federal regulations that are normally Required Federal Regulations for Risk Assessments  that include: 
“PART 310—PRIVACY ACT REGULATIONS”“12 CFR 310.1”Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act
Required Federal Regulations include: 
“Subpart A - (§§ 164.102 - 164.106) 
Subpart B [Reserved]
Subpart C - Security Standards for Electronic Health Information (§§ 164.302 - 164.318) 
Subpart D - Notification in the Case of Breach (§§ 164.400 - 164.414) 
Subpart E - Privacy (§§ 164.500 - 164.534)”

This product was made in the USA and a US citizen that is attempting to assist in the protection of our country. The Organizations that should purchase this Kit ASAP include:

  1. Any organizations that use Printers
  2. Banks
  3. Billing Organizations
  4. Cellphone providers
  5. Clinics
  6. Colleges
  7. Educational Institutions
  8. Financial institutions
  9. Government Organizations
  10. Healthcare Medical Device Organizations
  11. Healthcare Mobile Device Organization
  12. Healthcare Organizations
  13. Internet Providers
  14. Medical Device Organizations
  15. Mobile Device Organization
  16. Organizations that have Modalities on sites and off-site
  17. Software and Hardware Organizations  

*** This product is a US product and was built to be used as a reminder of the rules of risk assessment and internal auditing for added protection of an organization. This product is not representing any government agency of any kind and or is not connected to any government agency. **** 

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